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"Do not mention it is an honor Tashigi. I only assist on those who need it and I am not going to place you with Borsalino." Last woman he placed with Borsalino, filed a sexual harrasment complaint since he got too touchy. "The other viceadmirals are too busy with training other new marines or chasing after the Blackbeard pirates." Getting up, Akainu walked to Tashigi and leaned against his desk.

"I give you one week to mentally prepair yourself and heal your body from the injuries sustained during Punk Hazard." Akainu was a brute accoarding to every marine but there was one protege who knew the true Akainu. That no matter what others said, that man knew a different side of the brute. Akainu could care but none had given him a reason to.

Replying with a curt nod, she continued to listen. She wasn’t sure whether to feel relieved or not when Sakazuki said she was not under Borsalino’s guidance. In a situation such as this, though it was not preferable to her, it was the best thing she had, and she would accept it. Become stronger. She reasoned. The training she had gone through to achieve haki was not enough. 

"Thank you sir." She slightly bowed her head down before standing up to leave. The training would be harsher than what she had gone through for the past two years, at least she hoped. Standing up slowly, she got to her feet and turned to leave. First thing was first, Smoker would like to know what just happened. 

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  • I’m currently blonde. 
  • I tan way too easily. Standing outside for an hour can get me a shade darker
  • I do not like to drink soft drinks. 
  • I like red
  • I’m in college

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{Deepest apologies once again. The first week of school has been rough, and the week beforehand was move in week. I don’t wish to be inactive the whole time while at school, but it’ll be difficult for me to post regularly. here are threads that I’m planning on keeping/replying to asap(the ones i have in my drafts right now):

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{I am terribly sorry for the prolonged inactivity due to the one week camp, computer crashing and sending it off to be fixed only to have a surprise vacation trip starting from today. So to put it simply, I’ll try to get threads out, that is, if rp partners would like to continue, and as a final word, Thank you guys for sticking with me. I’ve reached 100+ while on ‘break’ and i’ll think of something for it.   

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He growled. “A gray face turned me into a child…”

"A What?" Now that he mentioned it…. he did look like a child. "I did not know  they had such an ability, devil fruit? No, Big eater Jewelry Bonney is still alive so her ability shouldn’t- unless?" She mused aloud to herself. 

Sakazuki walked up to her. "Captain! Have you seen Borsalino anywhere?"

"Ah, Fleet Admiral- Borsalino? No, I havent… Is something wrong?" 

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